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Tsubomi was born in Yamaguchi, the southernest of Japan's largest island, in 1987. Though coming from the countryside, thank goodness this slut enters the AV world. Calling her a slut is actually a compliment since this girl is simply hardcore. She made her debut in 2007, and in 2008 alone, she starred in six masochistic films! And in 2009, she contributed to 26 films, in which she tried all styles imaginable: cosplay, bukkake, masochism, sperm swallowing, lesbian love, experiments. Whatever you name, Tsubomi has done it, who appeared in 35 films in 2010.

Simply put, though innocent and naive looking, wherever Tsubomi is, there is hardcore and even cruel sex acts. For instance, most of her blowjobs are forcible fellatios. Also, she seems to be particularly fond of facial shots. In our collection here, this girl alone has received more facial shots than any female star of Spermania series. She is really good at being maltreated and staring straight at the camera with her woeful eyes to fire your desire to just cum on the monitor.

For costume lovers, "The Polite Gokkun" and "Cosplayer" are first picks now, especially the latter (200 minutes in length). For bukkake lovers, never miss "White Sex" and "100 Shots of Sperm Drinking." For oddity lovers, try "Thousand Armed Goddess of Mercy." No one on earth has ever watched similar kinds of movies before. For other fetish lovers, check out all Tsubomi's films on this site because you will end up believing what I've said: this national treasure has done them all!
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