Ai Sayama

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Ai Sayama's nickname is Love-chan and that's what you get with Ai: a whole lotta love. There's one thing you'll notice when you first lay eyes on Ai, two things really. Her H-cup sized bra is spilling over with boobies. Ai is a busty-fans dream girl who get's off on fulfilling her fans' fantasies in a variety of costumes.

Ai is the first JAV actress to be born in the Heisei era, which started January 8, 1989. Her fans find her "charm point" to be the slightly different shape in her areolas. She claims it's because her right nipple is more sensitive, so she tends to lead her partner to lick and suck it more than the left. She also claims not to be very good at cowgirl, but we tend to disagree.

You can see for yourself in her debut video, "First Real Adult Sex". As debuts go, this one is really worth checking out. You are Ai's lucky husband in "Married Life". This is all first person POV, and if you like the old apron with no clothes underneath, you know what to do. "Huge Breasts Close-Up" focuses on Ai Sayama's most obvious asset, but much emphasis is made on her emphatic squirting orgasms.
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