Jessica Kizaki

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10/06/1989 (32)
86 - 60 - 87
From 2008
Jessica Kizaki has an idol's good looks with gorgeous long legs and long brown hair. Jessica has narrow hips but a surprising nice chest for such a skinny girl. She is a fantasy player and she looks just as natural in a school uniform as she does in a race queen get-up. She has a great mug that goes from innocent to sultry in the blink of an eye.

One of Jessica Kizaki's strong points is her fit and flexible body. You won't believe how wide she can stretch her legs. She has only made a handful of movies (more of which you will see here soon) but her fellatio skills are very honed. It's hard not to blow your wad when she looks up at you with her big doe-like eyes.

"School Girl and Sex" is a really fun title. Jessica plays the best classmate a boy could ever have. She wears a a handful of different school uniforms, including a swimsuit. We dare you to find a flaw with her smooth skin and amazing body. Jessica's long legs look natural poking out of a silvery miniskirt, and that is why "IDOL RQ" is suck a perfect title for her. There are 3-P and 4-P scenes in this one, showing that Jessica really has no limit to how many men she can satisfy in one session.
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